Four Quick, Easy and Protein Packed Breakfast Ideas

protein oatmeal breakfastWhey protein is the most common protein supplement used by athletes for good reason – fast absorption and super high bio-availability. Research has shown that whey protein is absorbed easily by the body and broken into amino acids for muscle (re)fueling almost effortlessly.

These qualities make whey a great supplement to use in the morning to quickly kick our bodies out of a catabolic state. And as such, many of us have our very mundane, almost ritualistic, protein shake breakfast every morning upon waking.

Don’t get me wrong, shakes are an excellent option in the mornings, especially if you’re short on time and can’t cook. However, shakes get boring FAST and they aren’t exactly a hit with the rest of the family. What can you do if you actually want to eat something?

Here are four fantastic alternatives to whey protein shakes. These alternatives allow you to eat something besides a shake and receive all the benefits of whey.


1. Put it in your Cup ‘O Joe. During college, I used to stay up studying all night by drinking coffee. I’d add a package of cocoa powder to the coffee to reduce the coffee flavor. Even though I’m older, I still can’t stand the taste of coffee but I still need that caffeine. My solution is to add a half scoop of chocolate protein and a packet of Splenda to my coffee in the morning. That one drink now gives me double the benefit!

2. Try some chocolate peanut butter oatmeal. Oatmeal is an excellent source of the good, slow-digesting carbohydrates. It also is full of fiber, which will make you feel satisfied for hours. Add a scoop of your favorite flavored whey protein to your oatmeal to create a doubly awesome meal. If you like chocolate protein, try adding a scoop of peanut butter in addition to the protein to your oatmeal. Awesome!

3. Try adding a scoop of vanilla flavored protein to some cream of wheat, butter buds, cinnamon, a little Splenda and a handful of nuts to create some delicious vanilla nut cereal.

4. Do you like French toast? Create a healthy version that even kids will go crazy over by using whole wheat bread and a mixture of egg whites, cinnamon and vanilla flavored whey protein. Serve the French toast hot off the skillet with some sugar free maple syrup.

There you have it, four quick and easy ways to kick-start your body by using whey protein – and these are just examples for breakfast! Imagine all of the healthy, nutrient-packed meals you can make for other meals!

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